Jan 10

Every Man Needs A Truck

There are a couple of things in life that I’m rather sure of. I have actually constantly believed that guys were various than ladies, however it took getting wed for me to really be sure that they are. I’ve also ended up being fairly sure that every male needs a truck.

I remember hearing things maturing about how every guy requires a truck to own and drive, however I never really thought it held true. I thought that males said they needed a truck just so that they would have a reason to in fact purchase a truck and drive one. I’ve been around a great deal of guys in the past few decades and I’m rather sure that there is something in fact tied between being a guy and having a truck.

A truck has ended up being the symbol of masculinity to me, for better or for worse. I feel a little unusual anytime I see a lady driving a truck around town. I right away feel like she should simply be borrowing her other half’s truck for the day, but then I immediately question why she would want to do that. I, for instance, have actually never ever had the desire to own a truck and even to drive a truck. My partner has actually owned a truck since prior to we were married and so I have had my fair share of time in a truck and I still don’t see the appeal. I just see that my hubby comes alive when he gets in his truck, cleans his truck, or begins talking about his truck with anyone who will listen. His truck has really become his preferred possession and his pride and joy.

So ladies, let the men in your life get a truck. It will help them feel like a men. And guys, if you’ve constantly been longing for a truck but haven’t had the digestive tracts making the purchase, let today be the day. Any size and type of truck will do, just get one and start enjoying the fact that every man requires a truck.